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Erin Doty
Energy Work + Restorative Exercise

Erin uses energy work, restorative exercise, and lifestyle coaching to help folks mobilize, unplug, and engage deeply. She encourages connection, self-expression, and healing through movement of body and chi, and is passionate about Community-Caretaking-Activism. By deepening individual capacity for self-care and embodiment, we strengthen our ability to participate and contribute fully in our village. Come explore many benefits including deep relaxation, pain relief, increased joint mobility, and healing connection. 

Erin invites you to her website for access to Studio Deep Roots community coupon codes.

Appointments available Tuesdays at Studio Deep Roots.

Alice Loh, LMP
Massage Therapy

Alice has been a massage therapist since 2010. She specialize in injury treatments, Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. She can keep you fit, active and healthy beyond traditional massage treatments. Her goal for her patients not only relieve the symptoms but also improve their life style in order for them to live healthier. She also speaks Mandarin Chinese and Japanese!  “Listen to your body and rediscover”

Appointments available Mondays and Thursdays at Studio Deep Roots.

Carrie Rojan – Blackbird Healing Arts
Massage Therapy

Carrie works with women and men of all ages and levels of fitness to help decrease pain, relieve stress and increase movement. She approaches her practice with strength and intuition, and really listens to your concerns.  Together you will explore the elements that can affect mobility, such as posture, lifestyle, repetitive motions, your work and your experience with pain and injury. She tailors each session according to your individual needs, offering an opportunity for healing and balance in your busy life.

Appointments available Sundays at Studio Deep Roots.

Dr. Kristina Schramm – Schramm Family Chiropractic
Chiropractic Care

After becoming a patient herself, during an emotionally difficult time, she then realized just how powerful the Chiropractic adjustment is in connecting the body and mind. Through Chiropractic care, she found confidence and authenticity in herself both physically and mentally, and it is her goal to help others achieve this as well. 

Kristina graduated with high honors, both academically and clinically and truly believes she has entered the best profession on the planet, at a pivotal time in history.  She believes the time is now to take your personal health into your own hands and work with the power that both made and heals your body.  She strongly believes that good spinal health with a sound structure is the ticket to good health.

Appointments available throughout the week at Studio Deep Roots.

Daphne Conner, LMP
Massage Therapy

More info coming soon

Appointments available Wednesdays & Fridays at Studio Deep Roots.

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