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I have been teaching dance fitness and group fitness of various flavors for just over 6 years.  In my younger and “springier” days, I performed various types of dance and competed in Latin Standard Ballroom, Jazz, Drill Formation, and traveled around the country as a performer as well as instructor and coach for youth dance.  Life has a way of taking over, and so career and kiddos took over my time and my dance practice until I discovered dance fitness in 2011. After only about a dozen Zumba classes, I knew I needed to embrace the movement and start teaching!

Zumba, MixxedFit, COMMIT© Dance Fitness, and my own special sauce have all become part of my toolbox.  In addition to dance, I also teach POUND….which I discovered while watching The View on a sick day in about 2009.  I knew watching that one demo on TV that I HAD to do it…and so found a course and became an instructor in 2015.  My focus in what I teach is all about the fitness of my students – it’s about the ability for each individual body to perform at it’s best.  Everyone is unique and beautiful and amazing in individual ways, and so goals are individual.  I want to help everyone in my class have a great time and use our classes as part of the tools to achieve those individual goals.  I often say, the only thing I want to measure is endorphin level! I am beyond thrilled to be teaching at this gorgeous studio and in this remarkable community.

Classes with Cami

This is a sampling of the usual classes Cami holds at the studio. For a full schedule of classes and start dates for specific sessions, visit

COMMIT© Dance Fitness – Saturdays 9am
Funked Up Fit is my name for all the wacky stuff I do that is health and fitness related.  This is not about weight loss, it’s not about measurements, it’s not about fitting into some standard of beauty.  Health and Fitness is about making the beautiful machine that is your body function at it’s best.

Your goals are YOURS. You set them…you own them.  I’m here to help you achieve those goals…not tell you what they should be.

Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes with little tread. **DO NOT WEAR YOUR SHOES TO CLASS! Please bring your shoes for class with you and change at the studio.  The floors are sensitive and cannot have street wear on them.  If you do not have shoes meant just for class, you can certainly do the class barefoot, or start with an inexpensive pair of “keds” type shoes that are only used in class.

$10 drop-in
$90 for a 10-class punchcard

For more information, contact Cami at her web page,

What is COMMIT©? Check out this sample video!

Join us. Dance with us. Explore with us.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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