At Studio Deep Roots we are continuing to listen to our local officials, who are being guided by sound science and best practices to keep our communities safe during COVID-19 in Seattle. Washington State Governor Inslee has issued guidance that gatherings under 250 attendees in King County demonstrate preparations for reasonable social distancing. To that end, we have put the following guidelines into place, which you will find on signs throughout the studio:

  • Please do not use shared lobby coat racks or classroom cubbies for now.
  • If attending a class, bring personal items into the room with you and place them around the perimeter of the studio, leaving 5-6 feet of space between yours and others’ (outstretched arms length).
  • If seeing a Wellness Wing practitioner, bring personal items into the room with you.
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer after you have put your items down.
  • Avoid touching your eyes and face, (we know, so hard; but so worth the effort!), cough into elbows.
  • No hugging or handshakes (many of us are huggers, so this is hard for us, too!). Adopt the SDR “jazz hands”,  or another fun touch-free greeting!
  • If you present symptoms/feel unwell, or believe you may have been exposed, stay home and take care of yourself. We want you and all our community to be well!

We collectively commit to all of this is in service to people more vulnerable than us, in service to healthcare workers who surely have a tough row to hoe ahead, in service to communities outside of ours who haven’t yet begun to see this virus among them, in service to one another, and in service to all of you, our extended family at Studio Deep Roots.

Know that our instructors and practitioners are continuing their rigorous cleaning and sanitizing practices, and hold your safety and comfort as our top priority during this time. We have left it up to each individual instructor or practitioner to decide if their event or activity warrants modification, postponement, or cancelation at any time, so please check in with them regularly as recommendations from local officials may change as new information is made available. We will also post information when and if we are given any notifications.

On a personal note: a lot of us are already feeling fatigued–heavy of heart and mind–and we have weeks ahead to move through still. Every day the news feels very grim, and the situation dire. We feel stressed, and we feel isolated. I want to say to each and every one of you: you are not alone. Even when we can’t be face-to-face, know that I see you. We can be a comfort to one another’s spirit, even at times when we must be a apart. And please, be gentle with yourself.

Hang in there, my friends. Let’s do our best to hold one another up in the meantime. Keep Calm and Carry On, righty-o?

In service and gratitude,

Shay and the Studio Deep Roots Family