More than the usual studio experience.

Studio Deep Roots is a project that has been percolating for a long time. We had been renting and teaching out of other studios and community centers for 20 years and had learned a lot about what makes a studio–and classes and workshops within them–successful.

Coming and going from “someone else’s space” can feel impersonal, disconnected, and lacking in our own unique energies. Those energies imbued in all facets of our work are what makes those we serve feel like they have arrived someplace special, and that unique “us-ness” is missing from so many studio experiences.

We want to change that.

We believe we can do it  differently,

maybe even a little better…

We invite our instructors, practitioners, and those they host here to feel at home, to feel invested, and to feel a part of something a little bigger than we might offer individually.

Seeing a need within the Seattle arts and small business communities throughout our region, our director Shay Moore set out to create a space to connect with other like-minded artists. The goal was build out into a hub of creativity, connection, and cross-pollination. With the generous help of her fellow dancers and community members, and an ongoing crowdfunding campaign, Studio Deep Roots came to life in the summer of 2017. It continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of all who work and play here.

Shay considers the studio an extension of her home and hearth, and invites all comers to come in, slow down, and steep in the good spirit we imbue in this space through joyful, committed work and play.

Won’t you join us?

A Note About The Studio Deep Roots Philosophy
Studio Deep Roots and Deep Roots Dance, LLC fosters an inclusive, supportive, LGBTQ+ safe space and affirm that Black Lives Matter; and we seek community members of the same mindset. We cultivate a body- positive, welcoming environment, with the vision of of cross-pollinating our disciplines, professionally and artistically. We hope to build a symbiotic relationship between all who rent, work, and play here.

We welcome reliable, professional, fun-loving and kind-hearted artists and healing arts practitioners to join us in renting at Studio Deep Roots. Well-behaved pets and therapy animals are also welcome. Make our home your home!

We're Here For You

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Studio Deep Roots

Gravel parking lot

Parking on street in front and in gravel lot off 100th behind apartment building.



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